Administrative Computer Services

PTRACK - Project Tracking System

** Status**

Ramón H. Venegas
Administrative Computer Services
Northeastern University

We are currently concentrating on a prototype Web implementation of PTRACK. This initial prototype does not utilize the ORACLE/Harvest system. This prototype will be developed using HTML, Net.Data and msql (nin-SQL).

Here is the project outline for this prototype:

    1. Design prototype mockup screens - COMPLETE
        - Based on previous experience with project management systems.

    2. Create HTML mockup screens/frames - COMPLETE
        - There are less than 10 screens/frames in the prototype. View them HERE.
        - Comments and responses

        2.1 Develop Reports specs - IN PROGRESS
        2.2 Develop Workflow specs - IN PROGRESS
        2.3 Development specs - Net.Data instead of Python - IN PROGRESS
        2.4 Develop Data Model (logical, physical, and graphical definitions) - IN PROGRESS
    4. Design navigation and integrate prototype screens - COMPLETED

    5. Review prototype screens with ACS user(s) - COMPLETED

    6. Review prototype with non-ACS user(s) - IN PROGRESS

    7. Develop Net.Data  macros/templates

    8. Beta test

    9. Release prototype to selected users