Administrative Computer Services

Project Tracking System

Objectives & Deliverables

Ramón H. Venegas
Administrative Computer Services
Northeastern University
November 18, 1996


This document describes the objectives, deliverables and phases for the development and deployment of the new Project Tracking system - PTRACK. This system is intended to replace the aging system currently used. PTRACK will provide easy access to project information to ACS personnel as well as to authorized end users, as an intranet and LAN based application.

PTRACK will provide a web browser interface for some of its functions and will build upon the infrastructure provided by ACS's configuration management system - CCC/Harvest. The next two sections provide an overview of the general features of PTRACK and technologies used.

Objectives, Deliverables and Technology


The problem that PTRACK will solve is that of tracking all necessary information related to software projects in order to easily provide progress reporting and accountability of the software development process at ACS. An objective of PTRACK is to provide an easy to use interface for end users, ACS developers and managers . This new system will improve the existing system by :


PTRACK will be developed in-house by ACS and will include the following deliverables:


The Java language will be used to develop the web access component of PTRACK, taking advantage of Java's built-in support for intranet application development and security features. Java's JDBC database connectivity will be used to provide data access to the data repository. The ORACLE 7.2.x RDBMS will be used as the repository for PTRACK data since it already contains a robust project tracking data model associated with CCC/Harvest. PTRACK will use the CCC/Harvest Workflow engine and process models to automate tracking, data updates, and routing of tasks. PTRACK will take advantage of the Harvest Software Integration Kit (SIK) and Forms Customization Package (FCP) to customize CCC/Harvest forms, and workflow routing will utilize the existing email systems. The Vines LAN will be used to house the Windows 3.1/NT client interfaces of PTRACK for ACS personnel. The Vines based web browser (Netscape 2.x or later) will be used to access the web interface.

Project Phases

the PTRACK project development will consist of the typical software Information Engineering life cycle steps, including an early prototyping step and specific phases for tasks associated with LAN based development and hosting versus web based development and hosting. The following flow chart illustrates global project tasks.

The following documents will describe each of the project phases:

PTRACK002 - PTRACK General System Requirements

PTRACK003 - PTRACK Web and ACS user requirements

PTRACK004 - PTRACK data model

PTRACK005 - PTRACK prototype description and user guide

PTRACK006 - PTRACK Functional Specifications

PTRACK007 - PTRACK Detail Design

PTRACK008 - PTRACK Source Code and Configuration

PTRACK009 - PTRACK User manual and on-line documentation

PTRACK010 - PTRACK Test Cases and Implementation Plan