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VinPros Inc.



ARTech's Web Site


MIT SAPWEB Current Status Page
MIT SAP WEB Interface Project - Developing Our Own Interface
Program Application Evaluation Worksheet - Requirements Document
Planning Activity Estimate Documentation
OIP Business Rules
BC EST - Business Rules
IBIMS Budget Formulation Business Rules
CCDR Business Rules
Business Rules
What are the Business Rules?
BC EST - Business Rules
NetForum - Messages In Topic: Business Rules
Business rules

Oterro - Microrim/Abacus

White Papers - Business Rules
White Papers Table of Contents
Microrim, Inc.
Welcome to the World of Oterro


The OFTP Company: Tactica Corporation


Implementing Business Rules


The Journal of Conceptual Modeling - Business Rules Require Real-World Identifiers
Welcome to Information Conceptual Modeling, Inc.
Alternative Language Approach for Information Systems Development
Explaining the business connection
ADT March 1997 - Software Engineering
Business Rules
Database Research Group, Inc. -
David Orme's Home Page
Defining Business Rules -- What are they really? (Complete document)
EBG Consulting, Inc.: Cool Sites
First Annual Business Rules Summit
Defining Business Rules -- What are they really? (Abstract and Table of Contents)
GUIDE Fall '97 Conference
IAAI Program
Minding your business objects 2/1/94
OAS Weekly Digest #51, August 8, 1996
Recent Publications
Start your business rules engine 12/9/96
Start-up hunts Cobol code's hidden secrets 10/16/95
USoft --UK --Whitepaper --Enabling the Agile Enterprise
USoft --News --Press Release: 20-FEB-97: Bloor Research Study
March-1-1995 Datamation:Software-Right Tools
Complex Business Rules in SQL
StageDirector at Work
BC EST - Business Rules
SurgiNet Foundation -- Technotrends ® Business Strategy Game
Where To Put The Business Rules
USoft --White Papers --Business Rules and CORBA
Business Rules
COBOL -Converting Business Rules to Cobol
Manufacturing Planning Using Business Rules
Enforcing Business Rules by the Application of Trigger Concepts - Publications
Enforcing Business Rules by the Application of Trigger Concepts
USoft --White Papers --Top Ten Reasons to Use a Business Rules Engine
Information Systems, Volume 21
Actual Proposal (April 5, scenario 2)
Design Tasks for use with Designer/2000: A Systematic Approach
Implementing Electronic Forms with the World Wide Web
Cornell -Business Modeling
Recent Publications
CMC Systems - A New Paradigm
- Database Research Group, Inc. -
Data Modeling Requirements, Analysis and Design (printable)
Theses and Dissertations
Three Tier Software
Professor Pericles Loucopoulos - Publications
USoft --White Papers --Internet Strategy
DataWarehousing & Business Rules
Data & Knowledge Engineering - Published papers
Articles - Database Newsletter
Where to put BRs
Business Rules
What Data Models Can't Do
Data Administration and Distributed Data Processing
Family traits in business objects and their applications
My Love Affair with Business Rules - Editorial
Data Warehouse Resources - BRs
ERD - Business Rules
Focus on Business Events - editorial
Master's Thesis
Enforcing Business Rules by the Application of Trigger Concepts - Publications
Ten Years Alive in the Database industry
Peter McBrien's Research into Business Process and Rule Modelling
Dr Babis Theodoulidis
DAMA Speakers Database
ECOOP'98 Workshop: Tools and Environments for Business Rules

Borland - Delphi

Delphi- Reviewers Guide
Delphi 3 Technology Overview-Page 3
Delphi Client/Server Database Architecture
Database Developer's Guide with Delphi 2
Austin Delphi User Group Newsletter [Articles]
Where To Put The Business
DataFlex 4


Business Rules Forum - Overview
Scopus Education: Creating Business Rules
Capturing Business Rules: What You Need to Know Seminar
Business Rules Forum - November 3-5, 1997 - Chicago, IL
DCI's Component Directions 98: Managing the Component Development Process
OLE/OLifE Training Information
 Emerging Technology: 3
DCI's Component Directions 98


ILOG Control Suite
ILOG Corporate Overview
ILOG Rules Home Page
GIGA Article on ILOG Rules

Haley Enterprise

The Haley Enterprise


What is ObjectStar


CrossRoads Software, Inc.: Architecture & Services Data Sheet
CrossRoads Software, Inc.: Press Release
COPERNICUS: Systems Integration


Club SALSA: The Alley, Business Rules Summit


LiveModel System Description and Datasheet - Business Rules and the Rule Editor

PowerBuider - S-Designor

S-Designor Business Rules Dialog Box
S-Designor Business Rules
S-Designor Business Rules
S-Designor Business Rules Option Button
S-Designor's Business Rules
S-Designor's Business Rules

Brightware ART*Enterprise

ART*Enterprise/Web Product Summary
Brightware & Partners
FAQ: Expert System Shells 1/1 [Monthly posting] - [1-6] Commercial Expert System Shells


Converting Business Rules to Cobol
ReGenisys Corporation!
Start-up hunts Cobol code's hidden secrets 10/16/95

Intelligent Env.

DRAFT 1 -- For Review Only
Facts at a Glance
Technical Architecture
Business Rules

InterMax SCALE

Automated Transactions
Dynamic Repository
Enterprise Database Broker
Enterprise Developer Product Technology
InterMax At A Glance
Rules Server
Visual InterDev Description

NEON inc.

New Era Of Networks, Inc.(NEON) Home Page
NEONet 3.1
New Era of Networks and NetDynamics Team to Provide Most Flexible Network Application Platform


Neuron Data | Our Products | Intelligent Rules Element
Welcome to Neuron Data!
AI Firm Ports Business Rules Engine to Java /WW May 19, 1997






VANTHIENEN J., WETS G., Mapping Decision Tables To Expert System Shells: An Implementation in

AionDS, Research Report 9228, K.U.Leuven, T.E.W., 18 pp.
Technical Support for AionDS / RuleServer
Aion - rule-based development


USoft Wins 1997 International Developers Competition --ahead of tools from Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Magic and others

Open Horizon

Database Programming & Design May Product News
Open Horizon, Inc.
Plug-And-Play Middleware -- Application Broker automates updating business rules
USoft --Home Page
USoft --Partners (Overview)
USoft --UK --Whitepaper --Enabling the Agile Enterprise
Sample Uses/Users
Companion tools
Companion tools
Training & Services
Evaluation and Comparison of RAD Tools
1997 Developers Competition
USoft NL Home Page
USoft --White Papers --Business Rules and CORBA
USoft --White Papers --FAQ --Why USoft? Product
USoft --White Papers --Internet Strategy
USoft --Customers --York University
Configuration Sheet
Unisys Sets Up New Software Company 02/15/95
SunWorld Online - December - New Products
Feb 1, 96 Cutting Edge
This Week In Objects - July 1, 1996
One Meaning Context Management Pioneers
CDIF Tool Vendors
USoft Developer - SnapShot

Vision Software

Builder 2.0 --
Company Information
Pre-Install Checklist. Component. Recommended product for Oracle. Analyst/ Developer. End
Using CASE Tools with Vision Builder
V I S I O N - S O F T
Vision Builder and Microsoft Transation Server
Vision Builder Installation Testing Recommendations
Vision Builder QUICK TOUR
Vision Jade Press Release
Vision Software Tools, Inc.
White Paper
Using CASE Tools with Vision Builder
Rule Machines Corporation
Active Software - What's New
Software Technologies Corporation - Proven Return on Integration
Home Page
Knowledge Partners Inc.
Ontos Online - Introduction
Enterprise development tools
Use case and business rules: styles of documenting business rules in use cases