PeopleSoft Application Objects Release Tracking System

RTS is PeopleSoft application I designed and co-developed to implement SDLC with PeopleSoft applications without having to purcahse an external SCM system. This system requires an external SCM, such as Git or Subversion, etc. for non-PeopleSoft repository files.

RTS Presentation at the PeopleSoft 1999 Users Conference in New Orleans -

(The same presentation as given at the HigherED SIG 2000, Dallas -> )

RTS License - COPYRIGHT (C) 1999. Northeastern University. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - license.html

RTS Version 2 Application package is also available from eGroups.

RTS Version 1 Application package.

Please download the zip file and follow the installation instructions in the "Installation Notes.doc" MSWord 97 file.

If you have any problems or questions please join the RTS discussion & help eGroup here and click the "JOIN" button