Utility to port PeopleSoft trees into MicroStrategy (or any BI reporting tool)

I wrote and have been using since 2004 a program that creates a table for MicroStrategy containing all the info in a PS Tree. It works up to tools release 8.43. Something changed in 8.45 and I have to modify it to handle it - or you can - We have multiple tool versions here for HR, SA, EPM, FIN so it has to handle trees coming from any of those environments into our MicroStrategy warehouse, which is the same as EPM 8.8 SP2 DB. In MicroStrategy, you need to create a hierarchy indicating the levels of the tree (columns in the table). Currently, this program can only handle tree subjects DEPTID, ACCOUNT, or PROGRAM_CODE. I am working on a version that will handle ITEM_TYPE.

Here's what the hierarchy looks like for the example below:

MicroStrategy hierarchy for a PeopleSoft Tree

This program connects to Oracle DBs in a unix environment that has the Oracle environment installed, and in Windows via ODBC drivers (any DB with an ODBC DSN). It requires perl 5.6+ with the DBI package installed. I might be able to create an EXE for windows - let me know if you need it.

This is how a typical run looks like:

bash-2.03$ load_tree.pl RCM_GROUPING DEPTID BRANU FN SOURCEDB sourcedbpsw TESTDB testdbpsw Tree Name=RCM_GROUPING Subject=DEPTID Institution=BRANU Application=FN Source DB=SOURCEDB Source DB psw=sourcedbpsw Target DB=TESTDB Target DB psw=testdbpsw TESTDB Available at Tue Jul 12 09:36:11 2005 SOURCEDB Available at Tue Jul 12 09:36:11 2005 .... Processing starting Tue Jul 12 09:36:11 2005 - source = SOURCEDB, target = TESTDB creating table PS_BRFN_RCM_GROUPING_TREE... .... Processing starting Tue Jul 12 09:36:11 2005 - source = SOURCEDB, target = TESTDB .... Processing Ending Tue Jul 12 09:36:30 2005 ...... Done loading PS_BRFN_RCM_GROUPING_TREE - loaded 128 leafs , 523 rows -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The source code is available at (Shift-right-click to download it):
PeopleSoft load_tree.plx program