Ramon's Publications


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"Pure Premium Distribution Estimation of an Electric Power Plant Using Spreadsheet Simulation", Ramón H.Venegas and Emanuel Melachrinoudis, 1995, Computer & Industrial Engineering . This paper describes the use of discrete event simulation using a PC spreadsheet application to model and calculate a statistical distribution that represents the total cost of maintaining and repairing large components in a hypothetical electric power plant.

"IsFlopOK" - This is a low level routine (uses DOS interrupt calls) that was published in Databased Advisor in 19??. This routine is used to check that a floppy disk is available to a running program. I have the source using a dialect of dBASE if you need it - free. Here is a commercial source for it... FoxPro Tool Producers and Their Products . It does not work (as is) with FoxPro but conversion should be strait forward.