Sample Work

Boston University Academic Data Warehouse - Student Information Reporting

Client/Server Databases - a 1 day course about client/server databases, transactions, and development of C/S applications

random_rows.psql - selecting a sample set of random rows from a table. Useful for spot checking the contents.

PL/SQL Sample 1 - update one table (dimension) with information from another (dimension), parsing the smaller table for data to update into the parent table. Used in a MicroStrategy application.

PL/SQL Sample 2 -
Process multiple rows for a (dimension) PK accumulating data in a concatenated string, and then add to a parent table. Used in a MicroStrategy application.

PL/SQL Sample 3 - populate fact table to report multiple event dates on a single calendar axis. This example parses a table with projects, one per row, and inserts into the fact table using a single date key, and one fact column per project date.Used in a MicroStrategy application. - a shell script to shutdown and re-start MicroStrategy intelligence server. Tested for AIX but should work in most unix/linus environments with little or no modification.

PeopleSoft Tree to Dimension - utility to migrate a PeopleSoft tree to a denormalized table (Ragged Hierarchy table) for a dimensional model that can be used for MicroStategy or any other BI tool.

SQR Optimization - Utility to profile SQR programs to find bottlenecks or ineficient code.

PeopleSoft Process Scheduler hack - How to run unx scripts via PeopleSoft Process Schduler.

Software Release Tracking System - RTS is PeopleSoft application I designed and co-developed to implement SDLC with PeopleSoft applications without having to purcahse an external SCM system. This system requires an external SCM, such as Git or Subversion, etc. for non-PeopleSoft repository files.

Vamos- NEU's Cooperative Education Information System. This project is an effort of NEU's Division of Cooperative Education and Administrative Computer Services. The purpose of this project is to design, develop, implement and maintain a system to manage all information related to the Co-op Division services. Here is a link to Business Rules topics.

PTRACK- ACS Project Tracking System. The problem that PTRACK will solve is that of tracking all necessary information related to software projects in order to easily provide progress reporting and accountability of the software development process. An objective of PTRACK is to provide an easy to use interface for end users, developers and managers. PTRACK will provide a web browser interface for some of its functions and will build upon the infrastructure provided by ACS's configuration management system - PLATINUM's CCC/Harvest and Oracle7.  Current status is available HERE.

CTS- Committee Information Tracking System. The Committee Information Tracking System (CTS) is a software project of the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education and Administrative Computer Services intended to facilitate the management of information related to university committees.

PeopleSoft Conferences Summaries


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